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Small Business IT



Anything your business needs, we can source. From computers, wireless, and servers to Adobe and Office 365. Contact us for a competitive quote. 


Avoid potholes ahead that lead to costly downtime and emergency rates. Outsourcing your IT management allows you to focus on what makes 
you money. No contract required. 


Sometimes all you need is a sounding board or a little advice. Contact us about your plan or projects to make sure you're headed in the right direction.

Print Management

Lower your cost per print with unlimited, warranty, service and supplies shipped automatically and directly to you.

Internet Brokerage

Not all internet is the same. When internet is down, 
you're losing money. Let's refresh/upgrade your connection today, keeping you connected. 


Stalled or looking to streamline your IT? We'll manage projects on your behalf, converting IT into a valuable asset helping your business succeed. 


We can cover anything your business or home requires. From internet and wireless, to PC's, servers, and networking to name a few, there's nothing we can't support with our service team and resources. We provide technical service in a way that works for you.



Our partners and industry resources allow us to provide the best solutions for your business.


Mission Statement:


To simplify small business IT, converting it into an asset by providing proactive management and business minded solutions they can depend on.


Vision Statement:


Business owners embracing IT as a tool helping them achieve their goals.


Core Values

Trust | Integrity | Loyalty | Efficiency | Productivity


About FTS

Forward Tech Solutions, LLC was born to help facilitate better management of a small business’s IT department. While all businesses need technical support from time to time. What they don’t typically have is someone managing the overall plan from a business perspective. The speed at which IT is progressing, requires companies to be more proactive and stay ahead of the curve. With IT only taking on a greater role each day, it is more important than ever to keep a comprehensive IT plan in place, while updating it as you go.


Forward Tech Solutions works directly with the business owner, as their advocate, getting to know their business and providing solutions and recommendations as they are needed. Proactive planning helps business owners spend their money wisely and avoid costly mistakes. Building a business in this era requires that we treat technology as an asset and focus on the foundation that will support growth for the future.


This approach allows the business owners to focus on what makes them money, while having an expert on their side of the table, working for them, helping them get the most out of their IT dollar. FTS helps you avoid the potholes ahead, reducing downtime, saving you time and money.



About Thomas

Born in Indiana, Thomas moved to Texas at the age of 8, where he grew up. He attended and graduated from Texas State University–San Marcos with a Finance degree from the accredited business school.


Thomas’ first job out of school was working with a start up in Austin. Over his time there the company grew to 15-people and shipping all over the world. Thomas was hooked on small business, the autonomy it afforded and the incredibly rewarding experience of knowing you’re contributing every day.


Wanting more of a typical “career” job, Thomas accepted a position with a fortune 500 company that relocated him to Grand Junction, CO. Spending a summer in Grand Junction, and realizing big corporations weren’t for him, the mountains called, and Thomas couldn’t resist. Moving to Vail on Halloween day 2010, he has lived in the Vail Valley ever since. Starting in East Vail, he’s made the typical westward migration and now owns a home in Eagle. The perfect blend of winter and summer, he loves his time in Eagle, skiing in the winters and golfing in the summers. Giving back to his local community, Thomas has served as a Board of Director on the Eagle Chamber of Commerce since 2017.


While learning several different industries, there’s one constant that stays true – his passion working in and with small businesses. With over 15 years of small business experience, Thomas has always been the right-hand man to the CEO. As such, he has learned all facets of business and how to help them be efficient and profitable.


Thomas has always been attracted to tech in some form. Taking this to another level, he took a job with a local tech company as their Sales and Marketing Manager, doubling as Account Manager for all clients. Thomas dove in head first, learning as much about business IT as he could. Having this new skillset and knowing the local marketing intimately, Thomas saw a need and took the opportunity. Launching Forward Tech Solutions, LLC in 2018, this path will allow him to use his skills, talents, and expertise to help even more small business owners. Thomas decided to focus on that department where he feels small businesses need the most help. By taking his businesses minded, financial approach, he believes IT can be a valuable asset that helps companies achieve their desired success.


As a premier IT service provider in the Eagle County area, we are always looking for

local talent with the same core set of values and work ethic to join our team.

Please contact us to let us know your skill sets and what you're looking

to accomplish and contribute.



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